How To Win At Crane Games In The Arcades

How to win at Crane Games

How to win At Crane Games In The Arcades

Ever wondered how to win at Crane Games?

The Stuffed Toy Grabber machine, Teddy crane, prize grabber, crane game or whatever you you choose call it, has been around for decades.

Enough history, on to the loot…

The solution to mastering the crane hack is simple, too simple if you ask me. 

How? -You just simply wait and watch

You see.. most grabber machines have an electronic counter. The counter is set by the owner of the machine or staff to a specific number, using a switch.

The set number corresponds to the amount of plays before the machine will grip properly and pay out a toy.

You can solve what number the dial has been set to two ways:

– Spend enough plays to work out how many plays between each win. This is costly and would probably need to win more than one toy to cover your costs.

– Stand and watch other players, count how many times between wins. Hide behind a plant in the arcade, like the boy in this stock image. Cheaper option!

Jump on and play when the winning turn approaches!! grab loot, rinse repeat.

Something to note , sometimes the machine is set to ‘Random number’ This can still be mastered, as the random generated number is usually within a certain number of plays after the previous win, to make it fair for the player, for example a random play, but within the next 10 plays.

Soft toy machines don’t usually take any longer than roughly about 25 plays to dispense a grip a toy. Other machines containing bigger prizes, such as Handheld games, electronics.

I have even seen $800 pairs of sneakers and raw cash in bundles….Yeah you will wait a very long time to win these prizes, hundreds, probably even thousands of plays, unless you have an excuse to live in the arcade, stick to the plushness.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, physics is physics, but the claw certainly tries when it is time.

Be careful, if an arcade owner gets suspicious he might change the number or yell at you for loitering. Respect arcade rules, is it worth having a brawl over a Disney Moana Plush?

…..No comment.

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