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Welcome To Toys Games and Gadget Finder Blog and Newsroom

This is the News Area of Tyfinder and our first post.  A very warm welcome to Everyone.

At Tyfinder We browse the web for trending gadgets and gifts of the day, then tell you where you can buy them. Our Website is a great starting point to look for a gift or if you just need cheering up with a new purchase.

For Example

Items from Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter or tools to help you round the house.. Shut up and take my Money sort of site with minimal ads and all round positively!

Why Browse Tyfinder?

  • Our Items are manually added, We don’t just feature 100,000’s of boring odd’s and ends. We add stuff people are either talking about or even great Items that nobody has heard of yet..
  • We Add Items from a range of categories Including Household, Pets, Clothing, Toys from both branded and none branded.
  • The Item listings are from trusted partners such as Amazon, Ebay, Argos, Toys R US and More.
  • We won’t Interrupt or complicate your shopping experience…We post a Simple link to the product you might like, This Will open in a separate window, you can come back and try other places or carry on browsing.

What we are considering (Stay tuned)

  • Emailing Subscribers with coupons and freebies (Subscribe Here)
  • Competitions
  • Giving Some Money to charity
  • Product Videos

For Our Social Portals find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, We post Memes and update followers with our items, discuss with other followers about items. We may Consider suggestions via inbox if the item is a real eye opener.

Enjoy Shopping and Thanks for Reading.

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