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Guidelines For Posts

  • Posts must be spellchecked, grammar checked and formatted in to paragraphs.
  • We are looking for good flowing stories articles, content, that makes people listen and engage.
  • Titles and headings, where appropriate.
  • Only relevant links are permitted, no affiliate tracking links.
  • If we believe your post is any way misleading, contains misinformation or ‘fake news’ we will not publish it.
  • No promotional content other than your sites own content, website, Tyfinder or product.
  • References are allowed where appropriate. (the end of post)
  • No bad language, obscene content, nudity, reference to drugs or extreme violence or Illicit Items.
  • Quoted content must not take up any more than 20% of the article and must be referenced
  • No Low quality images, copyrighted content, owned or stock images are allowed with reference and you giveĀ  owned image permission for usage within by submitting this form.
  • No negative slanderous comments towards businesses, individuals or brand names or politics.

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