TNMT Pizza Toaster Is A 90’s Dream for The Kitchen

Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker

TNMT Pizza Toaster Is A 90’s Dream for The Kitchen

This TNMT Pizza toaster we discovered today actually is a real winner.  Growing up in the 90’s this ticks a lot of boxes for me. My old time Buddies staring back at me while I cook pizza in a machine, something I discovered you could do only last year.

It’s not just the picture on the front either that does, reading the reviews, some are talking of evenly cooked pizzas, thin and crispy, with even melting of cheese on the top and evenly cooked toppings. Michelangelo would be proud!



Ninja Turtles Pizza MakerNinja Turtles Pizza Maker

If you collect Ninja Turtle items, this item says you have everything including an aptly designed pizza maker. The descriptions also point out whether you are feeding yourself or an army of little turtles, this machine will also cook quesadillas, mini English muffin pizzas, Nachos, omelettes, dessert pizzas and other snacks.

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