‘Coconut’ Shielding Pants For Cautious Dads on Amazon!

Shielding Pants

‘Coconut’ Shielding Pants For Cautious Dads on Amazon!

If your a parent you will know the chaos of the stampedes, from playtime hype, Christmas morning or an E number disco of crazyness.

Sometimes Parents become trees to climb, because of course ‘the floor is lava!’.

You know what hurts more than lava burns? Squashed Tree Fruits to put it politely!

Every Man and especially Dads have a saviour at last.

Introducing ‘Fridaballs’ Available on Amazon

Protective Pants


These in-fashion Shieding Pants or Boxer briefs have a fitted cup to protect you from pain, ebarassment and importantly for future siblings to your children and health.

This is an invaluable gift for a partner also protection from heavy dog feet, certain impact sports.

Shielding Pants

Product description reads:

  • HEIRLOOM CONSERVATION TECHNOLOGY – briefs designed to protect both your [Frida]Balls + your lineage
  • REINFORCED PROTECTIVE POUCH – foam cup softens blows from surprise heel bonks and whiffle ball hits
  • BREATHABLE, STRETCHY FABRIC – moisture wicking boxer material keeps everything fresh down there
  • NEVER SLIP SECURE WAISTBAND – stays put on the waist when you need it most, chasing after the kids

Equip Xmas Morning, as and early gift and Enjoy gift opening and excitement with confidence.

Fridoballs Buy on Amazon or

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