Winner Dinner Kids Dinner Tray Help Kids Enjoy Their Greens

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Winner Dinner Kids Dinner Tray Help Kids Enjoy Their Greens

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Brilliant Product For Parents, Very popular Read Reviews!!

  • Turn mealtime into a board game with DINNER WINNER, where even the fussiest of eaters will clean their plate
  • The tray divides food into 8 manageable portions. Get to the finish line to earn a special little treat for dessert
  • Moulded from 100% virgin melamine
  • DINNER WINNER is food-safe and dishwasher-safe
  • Liven up the dinner table with Fred designs


Wow! I came across this plate when searching online for ideas to get my four year old daughter to eat! She has a tiny appetite and will never eat more that a couple of mouthfuls at each meal.

The plate arrived this morning and appears to be of very high quality – beautiful illustrations that my daughter loved! She wanted to use it for her snack immediately and I was gobsmacked when she ate everything I put on there! For dinner, exactly the same happened! I honestly don’t think she has ever cleared her plate in 4.5 years!! Cue a very happy mummy!!

My biggest concern with this plate was that the compartments looked very small and that the total portion size might be inadequate. Having used the plate, I can happily confirm that the compartments are small but that, once filled, they do add up to a perfectly fit portion size for a toddler/young child! The treat compartment is also fit for a couple of squares of chocolate or some sliced fruit – perfect for a sweet after dinner treat that won’t overload the little ones with sugar!

I have already come back to order the superhero version so that I can have one in the dishwasher (yes, it’s even dishwasher safe!!). Overall, one of my favourite purchases of 2017!