Walking Dead Monopoly Fun For WD Fans

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Walking Dead Monopoly Fun For WD Fans

This is the Classic Monopoly game based on the Tv Series The walking Dead.Always the great, classic experiences we expect from Monopoly with yet another twist

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We like Monopoly. It’s a casual game that the whole family can enjoy. Chances are that you’ve played it with your family or friends at some point in your life. But you know what it’s missing? Zombies.

We’ve long been talking about the severe shortage of zombies in the classic Monopoly. After all, what’s the point of owning Park Place if there’s no imminent threat of a zombie attack? Well, USAopoly seems to have finally heard our laments and they’ve crafted this Walking Dead Monopoly Board Game.


This Monopoly Board Game fuses the classic gameplay with the hit AMC television series. It comes with 6 game pieces inspired by the show, including Carl’s Hat, Michone’s Katana, Rick’s Revolver, Lucille, Darryl’s Crossbow, and a zombie’s head. The game board features locations from the show and the rest of the spaces all have themes from The Walking Dead. The center of the board even has the cast of the show on it! It comes with themed money, cards, fences, and guard towers pieces. Of course, the cards have plenty of zombies on them, so you can play Monopoly the way it was meant to be played… with zombies.