Star Wars Boba Fett Junior Jacket Legenday

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Star Wars Boba Fett Junior Jacket

Typical description for product: Star Wars Boba Fett Juniour Jacket

Ever wonder what Boba Fett wears when he’s not out flying Slave I or hunting legendary, scruffy-looking smugglers across the galaxy? Well, it turns out his “barhopping” attire is actually a lot more casual than his fearsome Mandalorian armor, but still just as tough and awesome-looking. And better yet, it’s now available to you, aspiring bounty hunter, to wear right here on earth!

Yes, you can rep your favorite Star Wars character – and keep warm and look great doing it – with this women’s Star Wars Boba Fett Patch bomber jacket! This uber cool bomber-style jacket has Boba Fett’s signature red and green, as well as the markings of the Mandalorians, the race of warriors that our famous bounty hunter gets his legendary armor from.

That includes the patch on the right front breast (which is where Boba wore his), and also on the back, with a printed skull that’s symbolized the Mandalorian warriors for centuries (which Fett wears on his shoulder plate). Paying tribute to the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter has never looked cooler than this awesome Boba Fett bomber jacket. From Mighty Fine, get this sweet Boba Fett jacket to really show off your Star Wars style!