Spider Grabber Creepy Crawly Device Humane Release

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Spider Grabber Creepy Crawly Device

This is a ‘beside the bed’ essential, when you are too scared to get out of bed as a creepy crawly lurks in the shadows.This Spider Grabber and creepy crawly disposer saves a lot of sweat and tears, safely and humanely. Reach forward with the brushes and pull the trigger.  The light fibres on the end will trap the bug without harm allowing a trigger release outside.

Another great advantage is saving the need for steps or climbing on wobbly furniture to reach scurrying bugs.

Here is a video demo:

Typical description for product: Spider Grabber Creepy Crawly Device

Why Choose My Critter Catcher ?

1. My Critter Catcher’s 26″ long handle combined with our patented soft bristles gently surround and enclose the critter, rendering it unable to escape. That gives you the power to quickly and easily catch & release all types of critters, no matter where they are.
2.100% eco-friendly and chemical-free way to catch and release household pests – My Critter Catcher protects your home from critters without leaving any mess, using harmful chemicals, or requiring expensive batteries. Plus it doesn’t even kill the bugs. while leaving the critters unharmed!
3.The perfect tool for removing ALL critters. Whether it’s spiders, crickets, beetles, moths, stink bugs, roaches, ants, cicadas, ladybugs, mantises, scorpions, centipedes, worms, even wasps and bees, you can count on My Critter Catcher to remove it.
4. Plus, My Critter Catcher is the only quick, clean, and non-lethal way to remove ANY & ALL of those uninvited guests!

– Color: Green + White
– Material: ABS Plastic
– Size: 65 x 13.5 x 6cm / 25.60 x 5.31 x 2.36inch
– Weight: 160g

Package Include: 
1 x Insect Catcher