Simba Hybrid Mattress Orthopaedic Up To Super King Size

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Simba Hybrid Mattress Orthopaedic Leading Brand

This new Simba Hybrid Mattress have people raving coming in to 2019. A mattress is one of them important investments, extremely important if you have orthopaedic issues, or trouble sleeping, these things affect your long term health, not something to cut corners on.

You might not have heard of Simba before until now or late. Simba analysed data from 10 million sleepers to innovate this product, could be described as a sleeping ‘marvel device’ because it’s not just a mattress They¬†patented our own conical pocket springs to make them even more responsive to body movement and developed a material called Simbatex which provides superior comfort while using soybean extracts to keep you naturally cool.

Simba are currently offering a 100 day trial of this product with refund offered through it’s vendors, subject to what is available since this was posted (See links)

(Amazon Review)

I have a chronic pain condition and a spine problem which made it hard for me to get comfortable at night.
Not anymore! After my mattress arrived I let it expand over night. It didn’t have any odd smell. The next day I placed it on my bed and had a lie down. It’s heavenly! When I pushed down with my hand I was a little hesitant because it felt soft. But as soon as you lie down you’ll feel supported in all the right places.
I don’t feel hot and sweaty when I sleep on my Simba. I don’t sink in either and it responds very fast to any change in position. No more waiting for bumps to even themselves out.
I wake up less stiff and achy and since sleeping on it I don’t wake up every hour to change position. It just happens naturally while I’m sleeping. Bliss!
My only regret: Not buying one sooner.
Thank you Simba!

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Five Layers of Perfect Comfort:

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba combines 5 luxurious layers designed to fit your body and provide you with the quality of sleep you’ve always dreamed of:

  1. A hypoallergenic sleeping surface: our cover optimises the ventilation of the air for cooler nights without perspiration.
  2. Simbatex: a unique synthetic, breathable latex specially developed by our team that promises the balanced support you need.
  3. 2 500 conical pocket springs: to match your position during the night and allow you to move at your ease. A unique technology that offers you both an optimal sleep and a dynamic awakening.
  4. Memory Foam Layer: our viscoelastic foam adapts to your morphology. Like a mattress especially designed for you!
  5. High-Density Base: Our high-density polyurethane foam supports the 7 areas of your body: head, shoulders, back, lumbar, buttocks, thighs and legs.