Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker Most Awesome Ever!

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Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker Most Awesome Ever!

This being one of our featured items and in our blog post, being so awesome and all is the Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker! We had a look to see genuine high reviews, to include fandom terms.  Are you going to want a normal pizza toaster? or be true to your childhood heroes and impress everyone with this? Everyone knows that the Ninja Turtles Love their Pizza!

Amazon Reviews:

“I Love this! My son wanted for Christmas, but I have used it more often then him. I finally found a way to cook French bread pizza perfectly. Everyone should have this in their kitchen. It is great on cooking time too. Cooks thoroughly without burning. Fantastic for a no mess evenly cooked pizza.”

“The TMNT would approve of this device. I got the perfect left and perfect crunch in crunch without either side burning. Better than my oven, pizza stone, and NuWave for making pizza. The family loves it.”

Typical description for product: Ninja Turtles Pizza Maker

  • Bakes up to a 12″ frozen pizza or an 11″ hand-tossed pizza with rising crust
  • Illuminated power light
  • Non-stick interior for easy clean up
  • Faster than conventional ovens and no preheating required

Cowabunga! win over the pizza-loving hearts of friends and family with the world’s most awesome pizza machine (or enjoy a slice all to yourself). the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza maker fits up to a 12″ frozen pizza or an 11″ hand-tossed pizza with rising crust. The nonstick plates are great for either frozen pizza or pies made from scratch, baking them to crispy perfection with minimal cleanup. But wait, there’s more! you can also use this same appliance to feed your Army of hungry Turtles with quesadillas, mini English muffin pizzas, Nachos, omelettes, dessert pizzas and other snacks.

Other names for this product might include: Turtles pizza Oven, Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven, Turtles Pizza Cooker, TNMT Pizza Maker.