Mop Slippers Gather The Dirt While You Walk

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Mop Slippers Gather The Dirt While You Walk

No matter about stepping on that wet floor, come in wear the mop slippers, speed up the process.  Mop slippers can help you get the cleaning done efficiently and protect your footwear from germs too.

Typical description for product: Mop Slippers

  • Material: Chenille fibre/microfiber-ultra soft material, strong decontamination and water absorption ability, never damage the surface of wiping.
  • Usage: Simply wear this over your foot or shoe for a clean and smooth floor, free your hands for other chores, no more kneeling or stooping to clean.
  • Flexibility: Fit foot size of 22.5-26.5cm, can stretch 24-35cm; elastic cord design, not easy to fall off from your foot; Suitable both for men and women, adults and kids.
  • Features: Comfortable, practical & durable, convenient and effective.
  • Application: Used to clean your floor, window, bathroom, office, kitchen, house. Perfect for dust, dirt, and pet hair; Can also be set in mop as a mop head, used to wipe floor, wipe glass, or washing the car, etc.

Other names for this product might include:

Feet Mop, Feet Mops, Foot Mops, Wearable cleaning device