Hot Water Bottle Slippers Cosy For Your Feet

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Hot Water Bottle Slippers Cosy For Your Feet

After a long days work or walk, your feet deserve a treat. You can guarantee your feet will be warm and cosy the old fashioned, but effective way of heating your body with these Hot Water Bottle Slippers.  Simply fill the concealed hot water bottle like any other and insert feet, allowing the heat to radiate upwards and warm your feet.

These slippers are especially helpful for those with medical conditions such as arthritis.  There is strong evidence that cold weather and damp days can progress these types of conditions and can be often a contributing cause as a whole.

Typical description for product: Hot Water Bottle Slippers

Hot water bottle heated foot muff for use while watching TV, sitting at a desk and relaxing.

  • A cosy fleece foot pouch with the warmth of a Hot water bottle.
  • The Hot water bottle foot warmer retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of a hot water bottle.
  • The hot bottle is inserted into the attractive and practical foot pouch which is big enough to envelop both feet in gentle warmth and comfort. Heats in minutes. Stays warm for a couple of hours.
  • Useful throughout the day and night.
  • Great for cold days or as a gift for loved ones.