Donut Factory Automatic Donut Maker Great For Parties

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Donut Factory Automatic Donut Maker

Typical description for product: Donut Factory Automatic Donut Maker

Makes up to 30 donuts per batch.Dough dispensing mechanism creates the perfect sized mini donut.  Stainless steel spatulas turn and delivers donuts to the dispensing chute.  Includes drip tray to change oil after each use. Safety guard lids keeps hands away from hot oil.  Automatic dough dispenser creates perfect orbital donuts.  Conveyor pulls donut dough through heated oil.  Flipping mechanism automatically flips donut for even cooking.  Easy-view window to watch donuts cook.  Finished donuts are dispensed from the donut slide into a convenient bin.  Includes measuring cup, doughnut bin and magnetic safety power cord.  Easy to clean drainage pan.  BPA free