Delete My Browser History Hilarious Bracelet

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Delete My Browser History Hilarious Bracelet

Be a real bro or sis and do the right thing…Dude Delete My Browser History when I’m gone. This hilarious bracelet says just that and shows that message is true, donor ‘when I’m gone’ style. design based on medical donor bracelet with this modern joke displayed.

What friend needs this bracelet? Would make a great birthday extra fro a tech fan, anyone that is in to computers, social media and IT geeks, anyone who gets it.

Typical description for product: Delete My Browser History Hilarious

This LOL Gift is engraved with “Delete My Browser History” – This bracelet is intended to be a funny Christmas gift and or funny Birthday Gift. This LOL gift is humorous and in no way should be used for any kind of medical purposes of any kind. (see photos) Delete My Browser History Bracelet is made from steel, and has a fine brushed finish on the front to assist with hiding wear and tear. The back of the LOL gift is blank to allow for custom engraving to be done locally.

Delete My Browser History Bracelets should be worn on the left arm at all times. Your geeky gadget will not tarnish and can be worn in and out of the shower and bath without any issue. The stainless steel is strong and durable for everyday use and can with stand normal wear and tear without issue. The chain is adjustable using proper tools if needed. This item is perfect for kids 13+ and adults.

This medical alert bracelet also has a lifetime warranty for the engraving. The ID bracelet is engraved in a bold BLACK font with Delete My Browser History(see photos) The brushed finish helps prevent glare to allow legibility regardless of the lighting. This geeky gadget is the best LOL gift for that nerdy friend or family member that likes to have fun and smile. Your funny Christmas Gift or funny Birthday Gift will certainly get them to laugh.

Not Suitable for young children (small metal parts)

Other names for this product might include: Joke Bracelet, Internet History Bracelet, Geeky Joke Bracelet, Donor Style Joke Bracelet