Cord Cruncher Headphones Tangle Free

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Cord Cruncher Headphones Tangle Free

Typical description for product: Cord Cruncher Headphones Tangle Free

Cordcruncher Cord Management System

If you’ve ever tried storing your headphones in a gym bag, desk drawer, or trouser pocket, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of picking apart a tangled mess of plastic. Finding a way to neatly manage your cords can be a challenge, and when more than one is in the same container? Forget it! That’s why CordCruncher Cord Management System was developed. The CordCruncher neatly “crunches” cords into an elastic sleeve, letting you customize cord length while granting the convenience of accessibility.

How does the CordCruncher sleeve work?

The CordCruncher sleeve works by retracting the cord into a compact, folded, form during storage, while permitting full length extension during use. To use your CordCruncher, simply pull one end of the cord out from its sleeve. When you’ve finished and are ready to store your device, pull the sleeve back over the excess cord length.


CordCruncher Headphones incorporate an elastic sleeve to manage cord length, allowing the user to take command of their headphones and completely customize their listening experience. The elastic sleeve adjusts from 16 inches to 3. 5 feet, eliminating excess cordage and providing tangle-free movement during any activity. Whether it’s kicking back and relaxing to some easy tunes or rocking with intensity, Cord Cruncher Headphones adapt to every situation and have become the headphone of choice for the active professional, fitness fanatic, golfer, yogi, and teen. Cord Cruncher Headphones can be easily wrapped up for hassle-free storage by inserting the 3. 5mm jack into the earbud opening. Drop them in any bag, purse, or drawer—without ever worrying about tangled retrieval—or keep them wrapped around the wrist or neck to highlight fashion and function in between uses.

CordCruncher is a patented tangle free cord management system. Designed and engineered in the USA, it is the only true Tangle Free system. The Tangle Free Sleeve is made of medical grade natural USA latex rubber. Mel B knows music. She also knows that tangled headphones are an annoying problem. That’s why we’ve partnered to bring you a set of earbuds that will give you a great listening experience without the annoyance of untangling every time you want to listen. Whether you listen to your iPhone, Ipod Touch, iPad, Samsung Tab 2 or 4 etc, these earphones are great for being ready to go instantly. Works with all products that have a 3.5mm headphone socket (standard on all music devices). Perfect for the gym or running, and the ability to customise the cable length is really useful.

  • Headphones with a cable that doesn’t tangle
  • Sleeve adjusts from 16″ to 3.5ft
  • Designed for active lifestyles