Here are 20 Ways to Prevent Burglary at your home in 2019

Prevent Burglary

How to Prevent Burglary 20 Up to date tips to protect your home

Here are 20 Simple tips to make your home safer in 2019 and prevent burglary:

Theft crimes rise during and just after Christmas and you really want to make sure your home is secure all year round. 

We have therefore compiled 20 tips for you to think about and can make your precious home safer.

We all know to lock our doors and windows but with a little research in to the latest tactics by criminals, it is not as simple as locking your door these days. If you learn even one thing here, you are more aware.

We have also recommended a few things you can buy along the way for piece of mind.

1. Keep your movements private to the outside world.

Do you really know Everyone you added on social media sites? Them 861 friends you have from work, school, bakery class of 2008?.

If you are leaving home for a while restrict your posts, tweets to private groups within social networks you can trust.

A Scary reality include Facebook’s GPS locating service, giving your rough location to Facebook friends when GPS is turned on for smartphones. “random friend is nearby” sound familiar? can translate to “this person is not home.”.

Advice: Be wary of your GPS and what social networks announce. If you really must post your holiday snaps online for the world to see at least don’t give time for someone to prepare by posting the date before you go and keep your Facebook to friends only.

2. Mark your valuables with ‘invisible’ or identity pens

This method for recovery has stood the test of time. You should already know about invisible ink. The marks from these pens, only appear under UV Light.

Mark up your game consoles, set top boxes, stereos and even stuff of less value. Not only helps you get your items back, but also can help convict a thief. Very affordable idea ticked off the list. Try these pens, pack of five with a nice little UV torch thrown in.

[amazon_link asins=’B004W81JQU’ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ce96986b-fe73-11e8-a5fb-b533b98a791c’]

3. Make your smartphones and tablets traceable

I was Surprised and actually happy to discover I can already track my smartphone via Google services without doing anything at all and pretty much the same for Apple. Just make sure these services are enabled and ready to go for Android, Iphone and so on.  These free inclusive tracking features displays a world map and your device location.

How to track your Apple devices here

How to track your Android devices here

Memorise your account passwords and familiarise yourself with the control panels if you need to track your phone quickly. Other than the main smartphone brands, check around at home to see if there is other computers you can track or communicate with.

Never go alone to the location of your phone, if it has been stolen. Take along law enforcement or report the theft and location.

4. Be wary of ‘Property marking’ or ‘Target tagging’

This method has increasingly being adopted by thieves over the past few years. House or home marking is the method of scouting houses, during the day and chalking the best and empty houses with a tiny, discreet X or leave random objects outside. Usually a thief from the same gang will come back later to break in to this softer target.

A typical scenario might be someone appear to be posting leaflets or holding a takeaway box, directing suspicion from their scout while marking ‘good homes to steal from’.

Objects in weird places?, chalk graffiti on your porch? These would make me extra vigilante. Chalk is a very likely indicator of marking.

5. Install CCTV cameras with a clear picture

No need to go mad with spending on expensive cameras. If you are on a budget, there are some pretty reliable models on the market, for basic home security and easy to install such as this one: 

[amazon_link asins=’B01I1A2RZ6′ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’76594a3d-fe72-11e8-8fb7-0535a20c4895′]

Tips for Cameras:

  • Cover main accesses to property giving a wide viewing angle, experiment until you can’t escape the viewing ranges as best as you can.
  • Have a camera on show but unreachable to deter thieves and unable to obstruct or vandalise camera.
  • Picture quality is always the most important factor. Test camera at different distances.
  • Make sure you have enough storage for footage or able to remotely view camera.

If you have a top of the range CCTV system or not, this will only deter certain criminals from entering. Desperate folk often don’t care about their face being shown, but you need evidence even if they don’t Prevent Burglary.

6. Allocate ‘one’ secret place for everyday valuables

Thieves like an easy grab, so so common to be in and out with your cars keys in a matter of 10 seconds.  In fact another common method is simply hooking your keys of all kinds, through letterboxes and cat flaps, using garden canes, pieces of wire and so on.

Or even returning them to your porch floor after making a copy, giving you a false sense of security and so you do’t change the locks. Easy access when you go out or asleep with their own set of keys

Put all your valuables away in one allocated secret place, don’t tempt thieves with cash on display Secret cupboard draw perhaps, or this safe disguised as a plug socket:

[amazon_link asins=’B071WQ5MTP’ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’3760bceb-fe77-11e8-b225-3b1329743b16′]

7. If you are unsure, Don’t answer the door!

This might especially apply to older people or older relatives. You might think this is obvious, however the ante of these brazen and often violent methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Every possible scam and scenario you can think of with stooges and thieves hiding ready to strike when you open the door.

Appears to be a charity person, meter reader, even….lost children. The consequences of falling for these entry scams can be devastating.

  • Don’t answer the door to strangers without appointment or valid identity
  • Ask the person to give details about you for confirmation, but never give details or validate until you are comfortable
  • Install an intercom system to help you identify callers

8. Make your windows aware

Contact alarms alerted you, when a window has been pulled open, but these were outdated, because thieves are no longer opening windows. One step higher they go with tools to break the frame or remove glass.

Not to worry! Shock sensors are now a thing, extremely loud if you want them to be. The sensors detect shock and vibration. We saw good reviews on this one:

[amazon_link asins=’B01MQGBB7U’ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’b0b83425-fe79-11e8-b8d1-c37c3fdf69f0′]

9. Regular old padlocks, just don’t cut it!

Never rely on a padlock alone to prevent burglary.  Some people don’t realise their homes can be accessed through garage doors or gates with nothing that a couple of spanners can’t solve as this demonstrates.

10. Neither do many regular door locks meet the grade

If your PVC doors or patio doors are a few years old, there is a good chance your locks are ‘snappable’, regardless of how much you paid or how secure your doors appear to be.

The lock barrel is the weakest point of a locking mechanism. Newer methods allow thieves to snap lock barrels and instantly gain access. 25% of burglaries used this method of access.

Anti snap locks certainly lower the chances to almost zero. More durable and tamper proof design. You are Looking for a 3 star model with the the identifying kite mark.

[amazon_link asins=’B01N6WCNZR’ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’102ed4ae-fe85-11e8-837b-bb688d50fa4e’]

Check the size, you will need or consult a qualified locksmith

11. Guard Dogs and guarding your dogs

If you can tame a lion you can tame a dog, sometimes even a vicious dog. If a dog is protecting your home, make sure it is well trained to deter thieves as a guard dog. Thieves are well down with taming dogs and can fence them off in to other rooms.

Remember you need to protect your animals and it is not recommended to even leave your dog behind for long hours. Consider that as, whether you see this scenario as unfortunate or not, if your dog injures somebody, you could be in trouble.

Dogs can be great for guarding when you are there to safely assist and control situations.

As it says on

“Your dog doesn’t have to be big and scary to be a guard dog, it just has to bark! According to research published in The Guardian, a “barking dog” is the #2 deterrent to potential burglars, sending them off to find an easier target. And even if you don’t have a dog, displaying a dog warning can still deter thieves.”

Check out their funky and deterring guard dog signs here

Guard Dog Signs

We tried these signs out ourselves, modern, funky designs, fully waterproof and very clear.

12. Check your garden

Check how accessible the back of your home is and what is about. Lock away any ladders or tools that can aid a thieves access, children’s slides, outdoor furniture included.

Secure Gates. Close your patio or kitchen curtains to prevent anyone checking activity or lack of activity through your windows.

13. Myths about deterrents

The idea that someone is not going to break in, because you left a lamp on or the radio on is kind of ridiculous.  These can be signs that you are actually away rather than home.

The same static light on all day and everyday, no change of other lights, same music or radio station blaring everyday, you are either not home or live a very strange life.  The point is that thieves check out your home usually and will test the water. Lights and music alone will not prevent burglary.

14. Keep your loved ones safe

If Grandparents are in a spot of bother, they are going to need to call for help.  Slippy touchscreen phones or not very practical for emergencies and one might not be precise with their fingers or better suited to older technologies. 

Regular style mobile phones are still made to suite better dexterity and simplicity.

[amazon_link asins=’B07H655KVW’ template=’CopyOf-ProductGrid’ store=’theshohavsosp-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’76ae33a6-fedf-11e8-9cc5-abf8dc8ed457′]

15. Give your valuables a holiday too

If your going away for a while, leave what can be carried or transported, with trusted friends and relatives.  Somebody who has a secure home and is always home. 

16. Leave a tempting cold drink in the refrigerator….

What? Why?

Many criminals are not very smart.. But you should be…

Yes you cracked it..DNA!!

Perfect bait for anyone to see grab a first quenching sip near the end of their hard nights loot and discard the bottle on or near the scene with reliable DNA sample.

Discreetly mark the decoy bottle as yours. Two minute job and a drink for when you get home off your vacation.

If you think they won’t fall for this, I have seen robbers lock themselves in stores on Youtube and accidentally shoot themselves.

17.  Your documents are valuable too

Credit cards, bank statements, passports can be more valuable than everything else in your home,  birth certificates with other documentation used to create identities and commit crime and launder money. 

I have seen it happen where only these types of items have been taken alongside high school photographs and family items really creepy!

18. Get insured

  • Ask for advice,
  • Check policies,
  • Read the small print.

Insurance is a Borance but needs to be done.

19. Communicate and engage with your neighbours

Know who is who in your neighbourhood, otherwise get to know them. Report any suspicious activity, and share information.

Creating an online social group is a very good way, you can control and manage information you receive then share it with the group. Also a great way to share CCTV images and news from the outside. Who knows you might make some friends along the way.

20. Share this post!

Nothing more important than spreading a word to make everyone safer and do a good deed for the day.

Share to your friends on Facebook, Share with the community centre and whoever you can, someone reading might start looking out for you too.

So that was 20 Ways to Prevent Burglary at your home in 2019. hoping for anyone reading, I have saved at least one property, front door or even perhaps somebody’s life.

Stay safe


Image of man silhouette by Aaron MelloImage of German Shepard dog by Kenan Süleymanoğlu

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