Polly Pocket Toys Are Coming Back This Year!

Polly Pocket Toys

Polly Pocket Toys are coming back!

If you are unfamiliar with Polly pocket toys from the 90’s or you are a little bit younger, these delights were like little Habbo hotels in your pocket.

Polly Pocket was designed in 1983 by Chris Wiggs. Chris converted a powder compact in to a tiny dolls house for his daughter, he went on to licence a the product in the early 90’s. In my opinion the design was pure genius.

Effectively mini fold out dolls houses, varying themed interiors, depending on which set you got your hands on.

Designs from the original productions go for a small fortune on Ebay. Check the listings here if one happens to fall out of your attic

To say Polly Pocket was popular during the mid to late 90’s is an understatement. Every young lady wanted one for their Birthday. Designs included funky bedrooms, wardrobe and fashion editions, beach house, Barbie doll-like themes but shrunken down.

Two in each pocket on the way to school to show you had the unique set or to swap with friends. It might happen that if you nagged your favourite parent at Toys R us or Woollies for the latest set, you may get a taste of your own medicine from your daughter next year.

Polly Pocket Dolls have been rumoured to re-premiere June 2019. A new generation of traditional 90’s design, with material improvements.

‘On February 12, 2018, Garrett Sander (Representitive) announced on his Instagram page that Polly Pocket would be making a comeback,The new toys are miniature dolls in play sets, like the original 1990s Polly Pocket’

Keeping an eye on this one!

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