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Advertised Products

  • No item/service is sold directly by unless otherwise stated.  This is to include Any social media pages/groups/blogs or publishings by
  • We are therefore not responsible for any returns, refunds, damage, liability, losses, communication, native promotions, pricing issues outside of
  • Any Product or promotion disputes listed above are to be taken up with the item or service vendor
  • Item descriptions are accurate as of time of publishing, we may adjust, spelling and grammar at time of publishing.
  • Item description/images may vary from actual product in some cases.  This can occur where items source has changed.  Any items you purchase should be taken as seen on the vendors website.
  • All images are property of the respective vendors for sale of their products and images are linked via URL where possible.


  • is not responsible for any security regarding any customers end sale.  However our site currently uses https protocol and certified with an SSL Certificate.
  • No sale transactions take place on unless otherwise stated in future publications
  • is an affiliate/blogging web-store by definition and may incur commission from partners as result of referals through publication.

News, articles and Publications

  • News, product, and publications by Tyfinder will occasionally contain typed exerts from outside articles for purposes of product description and evaluation.  In case of short description maybe be quoted. Full credit/permission is given for any complete works are used.
  • We cannot guarantee  or verify all facts in articles, relating to either news, press, or outside articles. However or protocol and policy is try our up-most to post truthful articles.
  • Any articles posted do not reflect any opinion of any individual and our based on daily news and trends.