Joke Printed Poop Bags Are Now a Thing!

Joke Printed Poop Bags

Joke Printed Poop Bags Are now a thing!

Joke Printed Poop Bags are a brilliant idea!

You can buy normal poop bags, some are biodegradable, some are not and sometimes unscented. Not only are these lemon scented and biodegradable but have a fun twist…

The extra motivational, with these  and rather clever in our opinion.  They are plastered full of ‘Dad style’ jokes about Dogs!

Why Buy these bags?

Who doesn’t love a good traditional gag or to raise an eyebrow at one. A bit of fun and distraction on the dog walk whilst you clear up. These 12 rolls of heavy duty, joke printed, poop bags come with the handy bag dispenser. Telling folk, you got your joke from a poop bag is probably just as funny as the joke you tell.

You could say they make a great gift too, with the dispenser, “Thanks for looking after my Dog..”? or ‘someones turn to do poop scoop deeds’. 5 Star review on locale Amazon UK out of 4 reviews.  Great Value!

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Why did the dog cross the road?….

To get to the barking lot!

Typical description from product listing

  • 10 HILARIOUS JOKES TO LAUGH WHILE YOU PICK – our pawfectionist team have worked to ensure that you have a loud laugh or little smirk to yourself whilst you do the deed and pick up your pets poop, by including 10 hilarious dog-related jokes on the quality bags.
  • LEMON SCENTED – because no-one loves the poopy pong that follows after cleaning up after our pooch! The Lemon scent will mask this making the experience much more pleasurable for you both.
  •  HIGH QUALITY HEAVY DUTY THICK BAGS – Our bags are engineered to ensure there are no unwanted leaks or tares, so that you can pick up any dogs sized poop from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane! The thick, strong bags measure 30.5cm height, and 22.5cm width.
  • CARBON PAW PRINT BE GONE! – Feel fantastic knowing that you are helping the environment by using these fabulous BIODEGRADABLE poop bags which are environmentally friendly.
  • DISPENSER INCLUDED – easy transportation of the bags, no more ripped bags by putting them in pockets or falling out whilst on your walkies, these bags can be safely stored in our green dispenser which is easily attachable to the lead and a perfect pick after being specially designed for our bags.

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