Help Save The Planet With These 10 Innovative Products

Help Save The Planet

Help Save The Planet With These 10 Innovative Products

Respect the sphere you stand on a whole more, with these 10 everyday products with an Earth friendly twist, to help you do your part for the environment and help save the planet as of 2019.

These ten everyday items will not only help the planet but are also great money savers. Leaving the best one until last..

1. Reusable Metal Drinking Straws

According to the New York Times, with further sources from a story there. ‘In the USA alone, an average of 500 million, drinking straws are used everyday’. 

Some people seem to think the problems only occur when animals are trapped in garbage. In fact the problems lie in the plastics breaking down, but never actually going away, but getting smaller. Imagine you had to eat plastic, you would die too.

These metal re-usable drinking straws have been about a couple of years. No more throwing away those, slow degrading hazardous plastic straws, that end up injuring animals in oceans.

Five hundred million a day people!!!

Planet Zero Drinking Straws – Amazon

2. Solar Panel Charging

You might be thinking travel or camping, but why not charge your phone with what is free to use, these coming seasons.

Generating grid electricity is sometimes dirty business. You will do a little in part here to reduce air pollution.  Power stations cough out undesirable pollution to the atmosphere.

Solar Panels are actually great for camping and emergency situations as well as to help save the planet.

Anker Solar Panel Chargers – Amazon

3. Grow a Bonsai or 3!

As soon as I say ‘Karate Kid’ , you will probably know what a Bonsai tree is. Growing pretty much any type of vegetation is very helpful for proving oxygen to our atmosphere.

Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

Bonsai Trees – Amazon

Grow 3 of these trees, because in this set you get no choice, these will now be your babies, which is way better than one or two. Bonsai trees are just awesome trees, really exciting to care for, beginner or intermediate.

4. Multi Colour, Coded Recycle Bags

Never Get it wrong, with these multi colour, coded and clearly labelled recycle bags.  Apart from being a best seller and popular item on Amazon.

These are roomy and durable, pretty much essential to store the recycling indoors and out and ready sorted.

Recycle Bags – Amazon

5. LED’s Have Brighter & More Energy Efficient Lighting!

Giving out more Lumen per watt, grouping lots of LED lights together give you more energy, being energy efficient benefits the environment.

Light Compact Size Ultra Bright 9V Flashlight

9V LED Flashlight – Amazon

6. Natural/Vegan Bowls Made From Coconut Shells.

These look fantastic, before eliminating the need for factory machining, harm to trees, use of toxic chemicals..This set of 4 are polished with natural coconut oil and long lasting, with spoons included.

Organic Made Coconut Bowls – Amazon

7. Biodegradable Wet Wipes.

Lot’s of us can’t do without wet wipes, but you don’t have to compromise with these..

Many brands of wipes we use contain plastics and chemicals to hold them together and continue holding them together in landfill a very a very long time.

Biodegradable Wet Wipes – Amazon

These ones however biodegrade between 4-6 weeks, can be composted and are kind on children’s skin.  Contains 98% water! The fact that these are biodegradable, makes a cleaner and more safer planet, with nothing for nasty germs to cling on to when they are gone.

8.  Friendly Bug Catching Devices

Make a compromise with the creepy crawlies, bugs have feelings down there on the floor.

This bug catcher.. in case you haven’t seen it yet..helps you gently dispose of bugs including spiders at arms length.

Spider Grabber

Bug Catching Device – Amazon

9. This Popular Environmental Book; “No More Plastic”

A guidebook to understand the little things you can do to make a big difference at home. A lot of positive reviews and a worthy read.

No More Plastic Book/Ebook – Amazon

10. Re-usable Makeup Remover Pads.

By far the favourite for a number of reasons…

Filthy old disposable cotton pads can be a pain to clear up, actually unhygienic among other waste. These reusable pads are made from soft, silky Bamboo fleece. Give them a soak save a tonne of money, mess and Earth!

Reusable make up pads – Amazon

Those were 10 Innovative products you can buy to help do your part to save the planet. For everything else we recommend see our store.

Hopefully one or two might inspire someone to make a change and sharing is caring. Which one would you buy? 

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