Handheld Like PS4 Solution, Built By Gamer Nerd, Almost No Lag!

Handheld PS4

Handheld Like PS4 Solution, Built By Gamer Nerd, Almost No Lag!

The PS Vita has recently stopped production this year. The eight year lifespan served it’s small but strong fan-base of gamers reasonably well.  The concept curling up in your bed or at the dentist to enjoy high quality, immersive titles was key to it’s success. Well Imagine a handheld Ps4 like device, with no lag and any screen size you choose, this video clip demonstrates hope if you have the coin to invest.

Someone found a way to re-combine the concept of handheld with the PS4. Using the old WiFi TV trick, re broadcasting the high definition image to a smaller holdable TV. Somehow he has managed to pull this off without losing frames. Further to this using Ninty’s Switch controllers and sliders either side…I know the cheek of it right!

All end’s up working out a bit expensive but will impress a lot of people. “Turn the TV off I don’t care! I can now take my Red Dead or Horizon Dawn to bed, happy days!”

If you Fancy a go at this project, I provided the best links to what you need under the video. The small TV Brand is not mentioned, so you may need to do research there.

The Video by: My Mate Vince on Youtube

Shopping list Ingredients list ‘PS4U’

(We hold no responsibility for any, damage, loss or warranty loss for carrying this out)

10″ HD TVs Try Here

Nyrius Wireless Adapter

Cronus Max Adapter

Nintendo Switch Joycons

Nintendo Switch Rails

Anker Charger

Magic NS Adapter

HDMI Splitter

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