Gift ideas for those running out of time to buy. Here are 10

gift ideas

Gift ideas for those running out of time. 10 popular Gifts you can buy Now.

If you have left things until the last minute, people can’t decide what they need for gifts.  Here are 10 gift ideas big and small you can order off Amazon or Ebay. Check these out or links at the bottom or see what else the world is buying.

Bound to see something!

10. The Indoor Putting mat by FORB

This huge putting mat is going to bring the green home to practice and no doubt show off them putting skills all through the holiday.

In fact this item is suitable for both indoors and out, weather permitting.

I always wanted to be the rich guy with the golf course in his office, which is why I like this one.

Good prices for this range on Amazon.

9. Twerk Pong

You can tell this would be the sort of game that would make friends and family cry with the giggles. Uncle tony at the Christmas do getting down with a bit of ‘Twerk Pong’.

What is a party without a game like this, combined with a modern ‘twerk’ and make you wanna cry your eyes out watching your Grandma twerk the night away. Also suitable for Hen do’s and other events or a night in.


8. Harry Potter LED Jumper

This one blew me away Harry Potter and LED lights. Wear this one first day back twinkling the beautiful candle lights, whistle that tune. You watched every movie over the Christmas and everyone must know…Saying this as an adult I stand by you.

Very well made garment, check washing instructions for these though.

7. Inflatable Boxing ring

These have been about a little while. Brilliant fun for kids that like physical activity and junior boxing.

A toy that has a lasting use to it (providing you look after it). By lasting use I mean keeping children active in lasting beneficial activity and serving as a toy.

Inflatable ring and gloves included

6. Decorate Teepee with 8 Wash-Out Pens

‘Instead of drawing on the walls’ is the first clear benefit to this set. The Kids can draw on this tepee, make it their home, bring them their dinner, tell a bedtime story, the day has been an adventure. Pens are washable, start again another day and the walls stay clean.

Genius Product.

5. Kitty Furniture Socks

Love love love furniture socks. These are a low cost stocking filler that delivers a cute and decorative touch, solving that bane of wood screeching on wood. Dogs cats and other cute animals to choose from.

4.Bonsai Tree Growing Kit With 3 Beautiful Bonsai’s

As of Christmas 2018, This Item is really popular and has very high ratings and reviews. Bonsai is an art that has been practised in Asia for many centuries. Bonsai trees are grown in small containers and trimmed and trained with wires so that they remain small and elegant.

This fantastic kit provides not 1, not two but 3 trees to grow of all different varieties!


3. Harry Potter Great Hall Lego

Lego and Harry Potter is a guaranteed winning combination. Hogwarts Castle and mini figure characters. Hours of fun, building the castle and acting out the books with 878 pieces of lego, just pure bliss in my opinion.

2. Exploding Kittens Card Game

This game is mad..Features Exploding kittens and goats..Random humour game, one of the most crowd funded projects by the peoples of the internet..the link better describes this one.

1. In car electric blanket

This one is our favourite.. Finally an electric blanket for cars. We strongly advise not encourage driving, while using this, as you could be tempted to snooze.

This is great for passengers meaning you can nap on those long journeys, plead with your Uber driver for power supply or stationary camping.

So there you have our favourite gift ideas for this year..Hurry not long until Christmas!!!

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