Giant Disney Murals Will Magically Transform Your Castle

Giant Disney Murals

Giant Disney Murals Will Magically Transform Your Castle

Browsing social media today, these beautiful giant Disney Murals have latched on and you can see why!  When I say latched on.. this item is not new by any means, given by how much choice of of design is readily available.

We did however notice they were praised for the magical awe you can create. Brilliant idea for fast and surprise bedroom transformation with little hassle.

Perhaps the reason these don’t appear as much is sometimes shoppers like to search ‘Wallpaper’, ‘Decal’ or ‘Sticker’ rather than mural seem to give us larger and more detailed wall covering.

These Giant Disney Murals are printed in great detail and are available in a range of dimensions, from roughly 2-4 metres in width and height. (See Products for available sizes) Enough to cover reasonably sized walls or smaller.

Are they easy to hang?

Totally! probably even easier than hanging wallpaper.  Many of These decals are divided in to multiple panels, rather than a single large single sheet, making them really easy to apply.

It would make great sense to measure out a square area on a wall to fit, no problem with trimming if needed. You might need a ladder, maybe wallpaper adhesive depending.

Giant Disney Murals

Check the feedback and main descriptions, as always we don’t want to misinform about a product that has many variations.

Where to buy:

Here is a list of links directly searching Amazon and Ebay to start, Surely you will find what you are looking for.

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Marvel Wall Art on Amazon

Mickey Mouse Wall Art on Amazon

Winnie The Pooh Wall Art on Amazon

Beauty and The Beast Wall Art on Amazon

Cars Wall Art on Amazon

Disney Wall Art on Ebay UK

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Will soon be adding this item to the Catalogue

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