Creepiest Video You Will See Today! Man Sees Wizards?

creepiest video

This Is The Creepiest Video You Will See Today

This video made our stomach turn, the first time every time we watched it… Creepiest video I have seen in a while by far! Read on for the for the video

Here is what we know..

This video, previously rumoured to be filmed in Russia while  Youtube user – Jevgenij2000 was walking his dog “Tarzan” in the woods.  The video appears to show Tarzan become irritable and suddenly starts barking. The atmosphere appears to become very intense, before the camera pans to a clearing in the trees.

What happens next.. is well beyond strange, odd, paranormal in fact.

A young Girl appears to levitate, above the trees at the command of a parent/guardian. The couple of them seem to realise they have been spotted and retreat and vanish immediately.

There is no Explanation of what came of this single uploaded video, other than the description. That reads what we pretty much see. All I know is that levitation is not normal…Great fun, but definitely not normal!!

The Video

“i have recort this video while going for a long walk with my dog. i cat´n explain myself what was happened there. i was very surpriset. i didt´n expect to meet anyone, becorse it was in a afield wood.”

(Stabilised and enhanced version)

Original Video by Jevgenij2000 here

Can people do real magic? Were these witches? . Would you walk your dog hear again or would you wan’t to know more about this paranormal event assuming it is real?

Harry potter all of a sudden seems really odd and if you saw such things in real life.. It might actually horrify some people, One of the creepiest videos we have seen anyway…

Like many videos the authenticity of this video is unclear and many have been speculating about such things as ‘ropes and pulleys’ which of course is not impossible. 

There is still mystery to dwell on…..Therefore I am never going in the woods alone again. What do you think? Comment below  Why not share with a friend too, do they think this is legit?

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