How To Cook Good Mash For The Roast

How To Cook Good Mash

How To Cook Good Mash For The Roast

Either you are reading this coming up to Christmas or the day of rest is approaching and, you need to get that roast talk of the table, for all the right reasons. Here is ‘How To Cook Good Mash For The Roast’.

I can’t decode the full roast, but the Mash typically covers a quarter or more of the plate area. Pretty damn Important I would say.

If you don’t like mash, then I can only assume your here to do the family right and I respect that. All mash lovers should know how to make ‘real mash’ if not.. you better pay close attention.

1. The Potato

Genuinely using the potato as a heading as a first.

Don’t mash a baking potato, they for baking, not a roast, not a baby potato, but a   ..Russet Potato or standard white potato.

Even better still my first option is a Rooster Potato. Great all rounder, medium starch, very easy to peel, not to sweet. (Irish produced).  Really recommend these potatoes.

How To Cook Good Mash

How many you need is up to you. To feed 2 people, five or six medium ones usually do the job .

2. Pan, Peel, Salt

In that order..Drop a medium sized pan on the (unlit) stove. Fill pan almost to top with boiling water from a kettle.

Peel your potato of choice, an acquired skill, that takes some practice. Use a knife alternatively a potato peeler device.

Ensure no peel, sprouty, dark or green bits remain. Drop each potato in to the hot water, so they are fully submerged. Chop any larger potatoes in half so they fit before you add them.

Add a table spoon of regular table salt, stir briefly with a wooden spoon not metal, because you will melt your fingers.

3. Boil and observe

Bring to the boil and let it bubble steady on a medium heat for 25 mins.

As long as the water isn’t frothing or spluttering over the pan you are all good. Shouldn’t need a lid.

Grab a table fork and prod a potato in the pan, you keep checking until they are soft but not to the point of dissolve, which will do injury to the potato, just enough so the fork will easily break through.

4. Prep, Mash, serve

Find a sieve, or I prefer a pasta strainer, place in to the sink and dump the contents of the pan inside.

Drain off the water and dump the spuds back in to the the pan.

Add cubes of butter roughly, sugar cubed size, to the pan of water free potatoes. How much depends on how much potato you cooked. 2 to 3 cubes per 2 person serving.

Add a small amount of milk , just a splash evenly over the potatoes and mash away with a (Metal Masher) Plastic mashers I find are pretty useless.

If they get hard to mash, add small splashes of milk, until you get the texture you desire. Some people like to add a small amount of cream instead of milk, milk is my preference.

I must stress only add tiny splashes of milk at a time and not too much at all, you judge how you like your potatoes.

Ready to serve with a scoop and thick gravy! Now you know 

How To Cook Good Mash For The Roast!

one of the 716 Christmas tasks complete and hopefully you got it right.

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