This Genius Built His Own Coin Pushing Machine!

coin pushing machine

This Genius Built His Own Coin Pushing Machine!

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Whenever I go on coastal vacations, my pulse increases in excitement as I approach the amusement arcade and the coin pushing machine.

I am certainly no kid, I do have Xbox at home and all the games I need, the coin operated steering and joystick never really caught my attention.

I do like the atmosphere and sounds apart from that I am there for my one main mission…

I trade in my bronze £1 coin of convenience for 50 pieces of copper, slave away feeding the machines for the dosage of coin clatter in the tray, usually much less than I put in. Take home hair bobbles and fancy key chains..We all been there, we all had this fix.

Well imagine bringing that factory of fun home, without paying thousands of pounds or dollars, or smashing the door frames with a huge cabinet delivery.

This guy did… He built his very own, compact Angry Birds coin pusher!

Man is a genius….hero of a Dad!

As you can see he gives you a very good idea how it is built.  Keep your VCR players, CD ROM drives they contain valuable motors and parts and complete dreams like these.

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