Buckle Less Belt Prevent Trousers Gaping, Going Viral

Buckle less Belt

Buckle Less Belts To Prevent Jeans Gaping, People Going Crazy for Them!

Recently a truly marvellous fashion accessory has hit the shelves this month! The ‘Buckle-less’ belt For Many Women, a true pain in the “sides” is possessing them hour glass hips, yet can not hang a pair of jeans or trouser, without a belt.

Unsightly gaping occurs where belts gape and taper the denim at the waist. In fact many slimmer built men suffer this dilemma too!

This Month media circulation and attention was focused on ‘No Buckle’ buckle-less belt.. Yes you heard no buckle, stretches around your garments, pulling them to your waist. 

The concept is clear enough as you can see, pulling the back of your garment, providing support and hug to prevent gaping.

If you need to go to the bathroom.. No problem, just go like you are not wearing a belt, where the fastening is at the back, with this no buckle or fastening is needed and very well concealed.

Amazon Review for Buckle Less Belt:

“I saw this belt advertised on FaceBook and decided to try Amazon for a cheaper price. Suffice to say, I found them really easily and must say I’m very impressed. I struggle to find belts to fit comfortably and always have the issue with the buckle sticking in me at times upon sitting.
No more issues, the belt is simple and the person/people who designed it are definitely on to a winner!! Easy to use, with simple adjustments to the size; I threaded it through my jeans and adjusted it whilst wearing. You don’t have to undo it when going to the loo, simply undo your jeans/trousers etc. as normal.
Bought it in black and considering buying another in brown.”


The ‘No Buckle’ cost No More than a standard belt on Amazon and might just be the belts of the future.. I mean literally! Available in many colours and can be widely utilised!

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