Bring Back Tamagotchi Campaign 2K20

Bring Back Tamagotchi Campaign 2K20

Calling all 90’s Kids, Moms, Dads, Boomers and…. Humans…. To bring back Tamagotchi!

It’s 2K20. probably the most frustrating year of your life so far.. You read it right. I think it’s just the right time to bring back the Japanese sensation that rocked the gadget toy industry so much, it knocked our Sunny Delight over!

Who had an 8 in 1 and didn’t even know it? A dinosaur egg perhaps? It’s all coming back!! So Why not again?.. I’d love one on my keys and some are color screen now too!

Would great, to get away from the frustrations, burning your pupils on your Iphone. A little challenge and nostalgic excitement in your veins.

Please go crazy again! Share share share!

Get Tamagotchi’s here

(Disclaimer – Always tend to your real children & pets first)