Emotional baby Hearing Mommy for the first time

hearing mommy for the first time

As far as we can tell from the video this baby was perhaps, born with a hearing defect. After the activation of the cochlea hearing aid. Hearing Mommy for the first time, appears to be overwhelmed, to begin with, screwing up their face to cry, then lights up with more glee.  Truly heart warming and shows how we can distinguish these emotions within infants at such a young age

Quite Emotional I must say <3

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The video – Baby hearing Mommy for the first time

Check out YouTube User Christy Keane For (Video Credit to Christy for this Embed)


According to hearit.org

‘The best results were found among children who received the cochlear implant at 0-3 years of age. They achieved 90 to 95 percent hearing and language improvement. 80-90 percent of these children develop a hearing and speech equal to those of children with normal hearing.’


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